Friday, December 7, 2007

Health Insurance and family budget

Health of family members is always a big concern for parents. One can live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and nutritious food especially colorful fruits and vegetables, exercise, take pain to ensure everyone have enough essential vitamins and minerals, etc. But all these cannot guarantee that someone in the family will fall sick. And when that happens, it can wreck havoc on the family budget. Depending on the seriousness of the illness, the type of medical treatment, the medications, etc, can range from tolerable to getting a family into near bankruptcy if the family is not well prepared for it.

Prepared for it? How? Not difficult. Get health insurance. All you need to do is to take care of the monthly or yearly premium payments. Get sick, and the insurance will take care of the medical expenses. No headache, no sleepless, no bankruptcy. But we have very poor families and very rich families and a whole range in between the two. But there is such a thing as a normal curve, which is a bell shaped curve with the great majority in the middle (neither very rich nor very poor) and a very small minorities at the extreme - very rich and very poor. The majority will have to work within a budget, but you also do not want to end up with a cheap insurance policy that offers hardly any protection. So do some comparison shopping and the best way to do it is via the environmentally friendly Internet. Surf over to websites like Health Insurance Quotes Online where you can get instant quotes without wasting your precious time or burning a single drop of precious and depleting fossil and thus help in solving this environmental problem of the century - global warming.

If you purchase insurance policy individually, it is normally more expensive than what you can get via Small group health insurance. I checked that site and see the word "small business" there, so don't really knows whether a family can get a group insurance via that site, but if the bread winner or bread winners happened to work for a small business, the doubt is dispelled.

If not, a family can always go for Individual and family health insurance.

Whatever it is, do make sure you get health insurance for your family if you don't want to run into problems when a family member or members fall sick.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Medical insurance plans for the family

Staying healthy is every one's wish. While you can take steps to keep yourself healthy such as right nutrition, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially colorful ones. Try to control your weight, eat white meat or fish rather than red meat if you have to eat meat, and if you do, do not eat too much of it. Make sure you get enough exercise. Avoid harmful substances such as addictive drugs and medications that can cause personal injury. If you have to take medication, do some research by using sites like (Physicians' Desk Reference).

Keep blood pressure under control by eating more garlic and cereals like oats. If you can afford it, eat organic food. If you are a smoker, see benefits you get by stopping smoking ways to stop smoking.

These are the thing you and your family members can do to try to keep from falling sick and having to be hospitalized. However, although our chances of getting sick is very much reduced. However, some factors like genetics, just pure chances, etc., are out of our control. The above cannot guarantee you from falling sick and perhaps getting hospitalized.

A wise family will take steps to get health insurance, and if your budget is tight, perhaps Save Money on Healthcare Insurance can help you easily do comparison shopping online for health insurance plans. You can get for the whole family Family Insurance Policies or perhaps if you belong to the higher tax bracket, check out High Deductable Insurance Options. There are all kinds of options available. You can check them out yourself.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Term Life Insurance for Family

What is a family? Most family will consists of a husband, a wife and children. In most cases, it will be the husband who bring the paycheck home. There are also wives who work. For a young family, there will be children (read dependents). They will be staying in a house, most likely bought with a loan. And members of a family are mortals, that is, they don't live forever. You probably have heard the saying "life hangs on a thread". And I think it is a pretty thin thread because mortals are subject to all kind of contingencies. A mortal can fall sick and die, or get involved in an accident, etc. What happen to the dependents when the breadwinner dies? If he/she did not provide for that possibility, the dependents suffer. At best, they will be forced to leave school and look for a job to survive, and that is, if they are old enough to work. They could also lose that roof over their heads if they can't keep up with the loan repayments and the house is repossessed.

Here is where life insurance comes in. There are many types of life insurance. Term life insurance, whole life insurance, and in my country, what they call endowment insurance. Of all the life insurances, term life insurance is the simplest and cheapest type of policy. It is just like car insurance or fire insurance. You pay to be insured for a certain period of time, and if within that period of time, something happened for which the policy covers, the insurance will pay you or the third party who suffered damages or injuries. If nothing happened, at the end of the period you get nothing back. Further, even after paying the premium for a long time, there is no cash value attached to the policy. That is why some insurance company may find term life insurance difficult to sell.

That is where other types of insurance comes in. For whole life insurance, you pay premium for the whole of your life and the longer you pay, the higher the cash value attached to your policy which you can surrender to get the money. Then there is what they call endowment insurance in my country which combine an element of savings so that at the end of the insured period, you get a sum of money back. This can persuade those who cannot accept paying for a piece of paper and not getting "anything" back in return. It may also be good as a form of saving up for a child's education. However, in my opinion, if you live in an era of high inflation, whatever you hope to get at the end of the insured period is largely eaten up by inflation.

It is important for you to have some kind of insurance, and if budget is a constrain, you can try to get affordable insurance quotes for families

There are other forms of insurance you can get. Check out their site for details.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make nice music slideshow with your family photos

If you have a family like I have, you definitely will have a lot of photos you want to show to relatives and friends. I recently became a grandfather for the first time. I have some photos of him I will like to show. You can easily create a blog for that purpose, and it is real easy, plus it can be absolutely free if you want. If you know how to use email, you will know how to blog. If you want to start one, Dummies Guide to Google Blogger will quickly help you get started. If you want to have a more fanciful blog, Blogger Tips and Tricks will give you lots of ideas.

You can upload photos to your posts. However, these will be static photos with no accompanying music. If you want something like the music slideshow above of my first grandson who just joined us on the morning of 1 July 2007, you can very easily make one with FlipTrack, and best of all, you can do it for free. And the music they provide for your music slideshows can be used without worrying about copyright issues. Plus you can add special effects like "zoom in", "zoom out", "fade in", "fade out", "pan left", "pan right", etc. It is very easy. You can see what the music slideshow is like by cliking on the START FlipTrack music slideshow start button button above.

I will make a post about how you can do it later, publish it and post a link here.

The music slideshow that you make can be made public or private. I have chosen to make it public. So in addition to having the music slideshow embedded in your blog post, other people can also view it at FlipTrack. You can also give the link to the video stored in FlipTrack by giving the URL (if you are not familiar with URL, refer to What is URL and how to get it. The URL of the above music slideshow is

You can make it into a clickable link using HTML or if you don't know or want to learn HTML, you use the link icon Google Blogger link icon in the post editor of Google Blogger. You can learn how to do that at How to make clickable links. I will now make a clickable link to the music slideshow stored at FlipTrack below:

My grandson music slideshow at FlipTrack.

Click on the above link and observe. The URL I posted above was copied from the code (highlighted in blue in the screenshot below). You can post it to MySpace, Friendster. H5, Xanga, Live Journal, Freewebs, Blogger (this is what I used), TypePad or share it on Facebook. You can directly email it to your relatives and friends. You can blog directly from FlipTrack, but that will involve giving your password (which is probably safe). I prefer to copy the embed script and paste it direct into my Blogger post editor.

My first grandson music slideshow at FlipTrack

Friday, March 9, 2007

Creative Tips for Throwing Amazing Parties

Creative Tips for Throwing Amazing Parties
by: Linda Kevich

We’ve all been to parties that have that certain something-special that makes them stand out in our memories as being truly fabulous. Of course, to have a great party, you need to start with great guests. Assuming you have that part covered, often it comes down to all of the little party details to really make a party special.

Here are a few fast but fabulous tips to put your parties on the map:

- Freeze strawberries or raspberries, then pop them into glasses of white wine or champagne for a dash of "bling". The berries will kick it up a notch with a splash of color and class, and will inject an element of unexpected surprise.

- If the lavatory your guests will visit during the party has a bathtub, glam things up by filling the tub with water, then float the heads of oodles of large scented flowers in it. Roses, gerbera daisies, mums, and carnations are all good choices. The stunning visual impact of this will knock the socks of your guests - and the room will smell amazing.

- Pick up simple store-bought cakes at the local grocery, then give them the high-end, lavish look of expensive custom cakes by embellishing them with fresh, non-poisonous flowers such as roses, pansies, or naustrusium.

- To encourage mingling at a cocktail party, limit the number of seats so that guests don’t just plunk themselves down in one spot for the entire night. Some seating is, of course, necessary for those with weary feet, but there should be substantially fewer seats than guests if you want to keep things lively.

For more lots more terrific ideas for entertaining and party planning, visit OR head over to for creative wedding planning ideas, inspiration and how-to advice.

About The Author

Linda Kevich is a leader in lifestyle arts. An internationally recognized wedding expert for the last 15 years, Kevich is often cited in the national and international media and is well known for showing couples how to have the weddings of their dreams through her popular web site ( . Now, through (, Kevich, with her killer sense of style and academic background in design, takes her followers to the next step - beyond the wedding - inspiring them with ways to inject creativity and style into life at home.

About is a free online source of creative ideas and inspiration for a blissful home life. Get the most of daily living with stylish ideas for decorating, gardening, and entertaining, how-to-advice, free recipes, and craft projects. Live the life you love at

Copyright (C) 2006 by Linda Kevich. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to re-reprint this article provided it's contents and by-line / resource box remain fully intact and are not altered in any way. This article may not be changed, modified, or edited in any manner unless express permission by the author is granted in writing.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Parental Kidnapping

Parental Kidnapping
by: Sheri Gray

Have you ever heard day to day kidnapping news revolving around events like a mother kidnapping her own son from her businessman husband who abused their child? Or maybe you have heard cases like this: about a stepfather who kidnaps his step daughter then takes her out of the country to force his wife to pay him a fortune in order to get her back?

These types of cases of kidnapping are known as Parental Kidnapping, to be precise. While some people do it to free their children from abusive and tyrant spouses others do it deliberately for financial gain. Other reasons for parental kidnapping include neglecting the spouses needs, abuse of the children by the spouse, endangerment of the child and injustice.

Some parents feel that they have been ill-treated during the legal battle for the custody of their child. As a result they kidnap the child to satisfy their ego or they cannot do without their children.

A survey by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has revealed that over 300,000 children are abducted every year. This huge number reflects how laws are needed, and they must be made very stringent in order to convict the offenders and instill fear in people who are planning similar acts.

In addition, one of the worst parts of kidnapping attempts is the effect on the children due to all this. It can cause serious harm for his future development including emotional development, bad behavior in school, malnutrition and violent tendencies.

Help and Resources

There is hope and help. Via the Internet, you can access the NCMEC site and speak to a Call Center Specialist if you have speakers and a microphone with your computer. You can also insert the NCMEC RSS feed into your feed reader to keep abreast of missing children. Stay in tune with Amber alerts, too, either via wireless or other channels. And you can also register to volunteer in your area should a child ever turn up missing; handling out posters, handling phone calls, etc.

Learn more and reach out by writing to: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Charles B. Wang International Children's Building, 699 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175 USA. Call them at: (703) 274-3900; or fax: (703) 274-2200; or visit them online at: . Report any information about kidnapping attempts and parental kidnapping to their 24-hour Hotline by dialing: (800) THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Having a child abducted is the biggest fear a parent can face, and no parent wants to even imagine this situation presenting itself. To assist the authorities with locating a missing child, the use of a child identification kit can speed up the return of a loved one. The first 48 hours are the most critical when it comes to locating and saving a missing child. A preferred Child Identification Kit usually contains the following vital information for your child, recent photos, fingerprints, dental records, hair samples and other pertinent information about your child in one secure and convenient location. This could save the life of a child!

About The Author
Sheri Gray is writer and webmaster for J & S Enterprises an online force in the Personal Self-Defense Products market. Serving the industry since 2004 J & S Enterprises offers the Security Plus Child Protection Kit for the safety of your child. For more information on the products offered by J & S Enterprises and a link to check for Sex Offenders located near you go to: Safe Self-defense.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Perfect Wedding Speech

The Perfect Wedding Speech
by: Michael Saville

Giving the Best Man's speech at a wedding. Is that something that fills you with dread, or is it something that you expect to do at some point in your life. What would you do if tomorrow your best friend gives you a call to announce that he is going to get married to the girl he has been dating for the last couple of years, and he wants you to be the best man. He tells you he is confident he has made the right choice (in selecting you as his best man, not in selecting his partner for life) and will leave it up to you to come up with the perfect wedding speech. It's a sudden announcement; the wedding is to be held in a matter of weeks. The pressure is on. How do you come up with the perfect wedding speech in such a short time? Is the Internet the answer?

Well consider this, do you think that a mass produced free wedding speech available to download from the Internet will go down well with the Bride and Groom's friends and relatives at the wedding reception. The biggest single problem with free wedding speeches that are available on the Internet is that they are generic to try and appeal to a wide audience. The information in them is very general. Whereas you will want to use specific information that is directly relevant to the couple, which in turn will gain the interest of all those listening.

It is widely known that public speaking is one of those activities that creates anxiety in the deliverer. This is why many people do their best to avoid having to do it, particularly at an important function such as a wedding. The fear of messing up the happy couple's big day is definitely an issue.

It's a good idea to keep the speech short, don't ramble on and on. Make it heartfelt and talk about your good times spent together as friends. Use little anecdotes about the groom and bride. It is always a winner to talk about how they met. Talk about when you met the bride for the first time (assuming you have met her before today). Obviously you will express your happiness at their decision and encourage the guests to do the same with the wedding toast.

If you still confident in your ability to deliver the perfect wedding speech then consider these pointers:

It is never a good idea to start to preach to the audience. You are not the Minister. That job has already been done. So don't get on to your soap box and start to lecture them or start giving them your advice on how to live their lives. Remember to talk about the happy memories you have, give personal stories, and offer your best wishes for the future.

There are bound to be guests at the reception who don't know who you are, so at the beginning of your speech make sure you introduce yourself and speak about your relationship to the groom. What you are doing here is telling the audience why his has chosen you for his best man as apposed to anyone else. This will help to get the audience on your side, before you move on to toasting the happy couple.

Finally, if you are stuck for things to say, read out a romantic poem that is a favourite of either the bride or the groom. Let the audience know it is a favourite before you start. You may bring the entire room to tears. If so then you have delivered a perfect wedding speech.

About The Author

The perfect wedding speech has been written by Michael Saville. He has written numerous articles on all aspects of wedding favors. These have been collected together at Wedding Favors

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Putting the 'Together' Back into Your Next Get-Together

Putting the 'Together' Back into Your Next Get-Together
by: Tzippi Moss

Do you fantasize about escaping to somewhere remote this holiday season just so you can avoid the frenzy of gift shopping, cooking and entertaining? Perhaps the thought of having to engage in endless chit chat with boring Uncle Fred (and I apologize in advance to all the wonderful Uncle Freds out there!) or a passive aggressive sister-in–law at the next family get-together puts the notion of more than sugar plum fairies in your head -- maybe something more along the lines of a cruise to the Seychelles or a trip to Tahiti.

Let's face it -- many of us dread this time of year. All that time spent with THE FAMILY! And in closed, confined spaces. Yikes!

The good news is that there's a better way to handle the pressures of holiday celebrations, and it won’t drain your bank account, require writing a fat check to a therapist or add unwanted pounds to your waistline and backside.

Since so many people complain about how being around their families makes them revert to acting like a kid, how about turning that liability into an asset and add some fun and games to your next get-together?

Consider doing one of the following:

1. Throw a question scavenger hunt.

Give people a list of questions to answer related to the folks at the party. If it's a large gathering break everyone into small teams. The first to win gets a token prize. Make the questions ones than are answerable but will require some detective work, such as:

- The names of everyone born this month and their exact birthdays
- Find out from five folks the first job they ever had
- Who in the group has ever celebrated the holidays on a boat?
- Ask five folks what was one of the most unusual presents they ever received?
- Get three different recipes (must be from three different people) for one particular holiday dish (such as stuffing, sweet potato casserole, etc.)
- The story of how three people met their spouses (can’t include your own tale!)
- Favorite toy of five people

Make sure to include questions that will involve people of all ages.

2. Grow a dream tree.

Have punched index cards, yarn and pens available. Ask the guests to write a dream that they want to come true on one of the cards and attach to a tree or to branches you have placed in a pot of soil. Tell them not to sign their names. At some point at the party, read off the dream cards and have folks guess who the dream belongs to.

3. Create a family time capsule.

Ask everyone to bring some small object that is symbolic of an important event in the past year, either personal, familial or world-wide. Have each one briefly explain the item chosen, place in a weather-proof container, such as Tupperwear, and bury until next year’s gathering. This is an activity that all ages can get involved in.

On the other hand, if the idea of doing any of the above with your particular family clan results in pictures of monotony, mayhem or mutiny, consider gathering a group of your favorite friends and try some of the above activities with them.

Whether you experiment with family or friends, you’ll be creating great memories to look back on and new holiday traditions you’ll look forward to recreating.

And you might just discover that Uncle Fred is not so boring after all...

About The Author

Tzippi Moss is an expert in the areas of imagery, expanding creativity, dream work, stress reduction, and goal setting. She is the author of "A Dash of Soul" and "Real Women Sizzle". Learn dozens of unique & inspirational ways to liven up birthday party celebrations. Step-by-step methods to create original & exciting activities for hours of fun. Make truly memorable gifts during the party. Read more about them at: Womens' Birthday Club

Monday, January 1, 2007

Teenagers- a Great Asset to Save You Money, Time, and Heartache!

Teenagers- a Great Asset to Save You Money, Time, and Heartache!
by: Shevach Pepper

When I was a young child I thought that my father knew EVERYTHING. It might have been true in my father's case, but now that I myself am a father (twelve times over) I see that this is as far from the truth as London is from Los Angeles! With the never ending technological and social changes it is almost impossible to be aware of all that is going on. But, do you know what, it really doesn't matter. Vickie L. Milazzo recently wrote in that one of the ways that she grew her business 300% to be worth 12 million dollars was by not only listening to experts but also by listening to $8 an hour employees! Obviously she made the final decisions but she listened to EVERYONE'S ideas. Instead of spending lots of time researching what kind of car to buy, what is the best restaurant in town or even where you should shop, asks your teenagers.

Here are a few areas where they can you money, time, and heartache.

* Big Purchases. If you are planning to buy something expensive for the house, let's say a new dining room set, a new kitchen or a new home entertainment center then ask your teen to ask their friends (if they haven't already) or go on line to compare prices and quality between different brands. Ask them also to investigate which stores in your city have the best service. You'll be saving yourself a lot of time and, if you are like me, also a lot of money. (I usually lose my patience after I compare one or two stores.)

* Home improvements. You'll be surprised what great ideas your teens have to fix up your house. They have seen all types of good ideas at their friends houses and they are not lazy to go on line to find better ideas and to compare prices. An added benefit is they might do it themselves! The other day, after I asked my son how to fix a leaking washing machine he told me that he'll take care of it. He saved me a good few hours and probably did a better job than me!

* Family get togethers. Planning a holiday dinner for the whole family (cousins, parents, parent-in-laws etc.)? I'm sure your daughter will love to help you find new recipes that she heard from her friends. She canalso look through magazines for original ways to set the table. An added benefit you might gain is that since she helped plan the dinner she will help more willingly.

* Vacations. Researching where to take the family on a vacation could take a long time. Your teen can research for you hotel prices, plane schedules and fun and interesting activities in that area. Tell them the time that you are planning to go and basically where and see what they come up. If you feel uncomfortable to discusss with them the financial limitations, tell them to look at different price ranges and then you'll decide in the end. Remember, like all CEO's, you make the final decision. You'll be amazed at the cheap flights and hotels that they will discover. Also, if you choose to listen to what they suggest and it doesn't work out, they won't be able to complain since it was their suggestion!

* Younger children. The area in which they are most helpful is to help you with younger children. As long as you know that they really care about their younger siblings (don't pay attention to their petty fights) then they will help you find out what the younger brothers and sisters are really up to and with whom they really hang out and what they feel is a good intervention. Remember, they understand better than us what, nowadays is considered "normal" behavior and what is bizarre. This can save you much heartache and trips to the school's counselor. Just remember, the younger sibling can never catch on that you discuss him with the older siblings. You have to make sure not to use any information you receive from the older sibling in a way that the younger one will figure out how you know it.

One last word. Don't only listen to their facts and figures and totally disregard their opinions. You surely should decide what to buy, where to vacation, and what to do with your other child but show your teens that you appreciate and respect what they did for you. If you do this, I'm sure, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much they helped you.

About The Author

Shevach Pepper is the happy father of twelve children and is a family and life coach helping successful people to utilize their business and leadership skills in their personal life. For more information and helpful tips on family issues visit Great Family Man.