Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make nice music slideshow with your family photos

If you have a family like I have, you definitely will have a lot of photos you want to show to relatives and friends. I recently became a grandfather for the first time. I have some photos of him I will like to show. You can easily create a blog for that purpose, and it is real easy, plus it can be absolutely free if you want. If you know how to use email, you will know how to blog. If you want to start one, Dummies Guide to Google Blogger will quickly help you get started. If you want to have a more fanciful blog, Blogger Tips and Tricks will give you lots of ideas.

You can upload photos to your posts. However, these will be static photos with no accompanying music. If you want something like the music slideshow above of my first grandson who just joined us on the morning of 1 July 2007, you can very easily make one with FlipTrack, and best of all, you can do it for free. And the music they provide for your music slideshows can be used without worrying about copyright issues. Plus you can add special effects like "zoom in", "zoom out", "fade in", "fade out", "pan left", "pan right", etc. It is very easy. You can see what the music slideshow is like by cliking on the START FlipTrack music slideshow start button button above.

I will make a post about how you can do it later, publish it and post a link here.

The music slideshow that you make can be made public or private. I have chosen to make it public. So in addition to having the music slideshow embedded in your blog post, other people can also view it at FlipTrack. You can also give the link to the video stored in FlipTrack by giving the URL (if you are not familiar with URL, refer to What is URL and how to get it. The URL of the above music slideshow is

You can make it into a clickable link using HTML or if you don't know or want to learn HTML, you use the link icon Google Blogger link icon in the post editor of Google Blogger. You can learn how to do that at How to make clickable links. I will now make a clickable link to the music slideshow stored at FlipTrack below:

My grandson music slideshow at FlipTrack.

Click on the above link and observe. The URL I posted above was copied from the code (highlighted in blue in the screenshot below). You can post it to MySpace, Friendster. H5, Xanga, Live Journal, Freewebs, Blogger (this is what I used), TypePad or share it on Facebook. You can directly email it to your relatives and friends. You can blog directly from FlipTrack, but that will involve giving your password (which is probably safe). I prefer to copy the embed script and paste it direct into my Blogger post editor.

My first grandson music slideshow at FlipTrack

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